About Us

At Elmedia We Are Invested In Your Sucess.

At Elmedia We Are Invested In Your Success.


We take a hands-on approach with all our clients, above and beyond that of a marketing agency. We Want to see your business thrive, because as your business grows, so does ours.

Our Values

Value First

We believe that the best approach to marketing is to provide value above all else, building meaningful trust between consumer and brand.


We believe all small businesses deserve access to quality systems and support without being priced out, or overlooked because they are “not where the big money is”.

Integrity & Virtuous Character

We hold our team to a high standard, both in work and character. We believe in trustworthiness, respect, compassion, courage, hard work and humility – as well as a whole lot of Fun :)

No Business Too Small
No Problem Too Big

We Believe in Empowering Small Businesses, with BIG potential through accessible understandable digital marketing content and quality services.

In Today’s fast-paced world, we’re committed to supporting Small Business owners in achieving a sense of balance. Our Systems are designed to bring in consistent and reliable cash flow, allowing business owners to focus on what matters.

Our Goals

  • 1
    To unlock financial freedom for small business owners who love what they do.
  • 2

    To make understandable digital markerting content and quality services accesible to businesses of all sizes.

Ethan Strybosch


Head of Brand & Marketing Logistics

Background in Psychology & Business

Lachlan Strybosch

Managing Director

Head of Marketing Strategy / Creative Director

Background in Film & Business

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